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Decorative Concrete Coatgins Stain Color Palette

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The sky is the limit when it comes to concrete stain colors. Acid stains offer a variety of variegated earth tones, while water-based stains offer a broader range of hues, including black, white, yellow and orange. Additionally, many experienced concrete stain applicators will blend colors to create custom shades.


Various colors of stain are applied using small brush to create a detailed design.
278 Liquid Floors in Hilton Head and Bluffton, SC

The most popular concrete stain colors are:

  • Brown

  • Gray

  • Tan

  • Green

  • Terra cotta

  • Blue

In Hilton Head and the Bluffton area we also use sawcuts to create unique patterns on concrete floors or patios that can then be stained multiple colors. The cuts prevent the stains from bleeding into one another and mixing. Stencils made for use on concrete can also be used for creating impressive designs with concrete stains.

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