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DecoFLAKE Epoxy / Urethane Floor Coating Systems (5 coat application)

Not your "one day floor" guys work here.. 


Why do we say “no one day floors”. Let’s be real, if it was done in one day - processes were skipped. What major renovation (not to mention investment) would you want done to your home in one day? Would you have your kitchen painted in one day? We take pride in our work and can not justify overlooking crucial steps and coatings that are demanded by leading architects, engineers and leading general contractors. We by no means work slow, to the contrary you will see we work with the utmost of efficiency  while protecting your home or business plus install the highest quality floor on the market today. Our flake floors come standard as a 5 coat system. Professional and industrial grade only. It is all we do..  

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 3.34.56 PM.png

Flooring Warranties - Be careful here, the (NEW) floor coating industry is full of opportunists replaced selling high quality floors with selling warranties. If you are being sold a warranty it will be a token to what you are told very early on. Typically followed by how quick they will be done. These companies will install a 2 coat floor with no primer coat. Basic prep will be done just to clean the concrete for a new coating. Expansion joints will not be filled leaving big cracks running through the center of your floor allowing for dirt to collect and sharp edges that will be prone to chipping. None of what is covered in these long multi-year warranties.


Moisture issues are the leading cause for failed floor coatings. One step that is so crucial to the longevity of coated concrete is a vapor barrier. This is achieved in a primer coat that mitigates vapors from the concrete and soil below. Moisture failures are another thing not covered in these long multi year warrantees. We install vapor barriers as a standard on all floors. As well, test every floor for moisture - in some cases a moisture mitigation system will be required prior to the decorative floor coating system.

40% of the work we do is removing failed floor coatings. 


Midwest standards in construction, work ethic and integrity. Not to mention standards in customer satisfaction and service.



Leading by the very finest for the particular application. 



Trained in Minnesota to apply in the most difficult of conditions known to exterior concrete coatings industry. 


Color Options: 

We refuse to limit client options to a handful of colors and options. We ensure our line up covers the broadest of color options, as well as finishes to choose from (See Color Palette Link Above). 



All concrete floors are profiled with a 900 lbs diamond grinder - as well in most cases shot blasted to meet the correct manufacture CSP. The extra steps in surface preparation are just another part that ensures we install the very best floor whatever the application calls for.

Applications: Garages, Utility Rooms, Laundry Rooms (Not suggested for pool decks, driveways or sidewalks) 

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