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MarbleWRAP Metallic Epoxy Floors

MarbleWRAP The Designer Epoxy


MarbleWRAP Designer Epoxy was designed to create exotic floors, art and countertops. Its unmatched layering and veining characteristics create a truly organic floor. These floor coatings are installed with absolute detail. The concrete surface preparation is key. All floors are diamond ground, all control joints and cracks are treated prior making the floor flat and smooth plus profiled to achieve a solid mechanical bond. Moisture barrier primers are installed before color coats are laid out. All floor coatings are finished with aliphatic urethane that has aluminum oxide added for traction and strength. Absolutely beautiful and bulletproof. Strong enough for the toughest conditions yet stylish  enough for the most elegant  setting.. 


MarbleWRAP is a new breed of metallic epoxy. Its natural veining characteristics give authorized installers the ability to mimic exotic stone like never before. MarbleWRAP was created by Brandon Shiver, an artist and floor installer himself. He used it solely in his contracting business for years and now shares it with 278 Liquid Epoxy in the Hilton Head and Bluffton area! MarbleWRAP is now taking the epoxy flooring industry by storm. With unlimited possibilities we can create elegant or wild floors that spark the imagination!

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MarbleWRAP Floors are usually specified because they are able to create a completely custom design to match any surrounding environment. Since these floors are unrepeatable, the options of design are endless. You can create different visual effects with the one to twenty color options available. At times, these colors meld together creating custom colors.


Applications: Kitchen, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Garages, Utility Rooms, Laundry Rooms, Residential & Commercial

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