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StoneWRAP River Rock Color Blend Palette


StoneWRAP is easy on the eyes and the skin. Unlike exposed aggregate River Rock is troweled down to a smooth uniform finish.


StoneWRAP is another innovative product from the WRAP lineup.  A spin off of epoxy stone, StoneWRAP incorporates a completely UV stable / resistant slow cure polyaspartic binder.  Unlike epoxy it will never yellow, haze, blush or degrade due to weather.  This proprietary binder, River Rock UV, is also slightly flexible to allow for expansion and contraction in fluctuating temperatures.  Its permeable nature allows hydrostatic pressure to flow through the matrix.  It will never delaminate due to vapor pressure!  The greatest feature of StoneWRAP is its repairability.  Because it never yellows repairs are virtually invisible!



StoneWRAP can be applied over, concrete, asphalt, aggregate, tile or mortared brick. If it is sinking, cracking, peeling or you just want a beautiful new surface River Rock Pavement is the solution.  Enhance your interior or exterior living today!


Your beautiful blend of stones will be mixed on site with the River Rock UV, the strongest uv resistant binding resin ever developed for pebblestone flooring.



We have many blends to choose from that can also be mixed if desired.  Borders and patterns are easily made possible using our flexible River Rock frames. Let your imagination run wild!



Easily repair the surface with the very same stone that was applied in the first place. This allows almost unnoticeable patches and repairs if the need does arrise. Forget the days of crack fillers and expensive repairs. 



We'll keep your River Rock Pavement beautiful with periodic coatings that actually renew the entire system by penetrating the entire matrix of River Rock. 

Profesional Installation

Each job has its own unique problems and requires experience and skilled labor to get the job done right. The materials and equipment to get the job done are all specialty items. We are trained professionals with quality craftsmanship being our #1 goal.

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