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We Specialize in...


Bringing your dreams to reality when it comes to concrete floor coatings.  No two floors are alike - every floor is custom. We listen to your ideas and deliver the unthinkable. Working closely with you through the process of concept creation to the installation of your masterpiece. Trained by the Nations top designers and installers and ever seeking the latest products and trends. 


Installing fluid applied floors TO: 

We use ONLY industrial grade epoxies, polyaspartics, aliphatic urethanes, cementitious overlays and acrylics (to name a few) understanding the properties of each. We take the science of these materials combined with a designers eye to create stunning “floorscapes” that are truly unique.


Before the beauty comes detailed surface preparation. Most all coatings we install require diamond grinding of the concrete or shot blasting. Cracking and control joints are treated with flexible epoxies. We use commercial grade dust collection systems and air scrubbers were needed. All floors installed are designed to be maintenance free and oblivious to exterior elements as well commercial settings - even when in residential or interior.    



Each job has its own unique problems and requires experience and skilled labor to get the job done right. The materials and equipment to get the job done are all specialty items. We are trained professionals with quality craftsmanship being our #1 goal.


This is an area that really doesn't apply to our floors. We only industrial grade products designed to commercial application. We do this for our ease of mind knowing our floors will last for limitless years.  


Our floors are all designed to 100% maintenance free (unless noted). They will not lose their luster or fade. They will not ware paths from heavy traffic. In most all cases our floors are a lifetime product never needing any wax or polishing. 

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